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Produtos e kits para ensaios celulares de migração, invasão, fagocitose, cultivo em agarose, além de vetores retrovirais, adenovirais e lentivirais para IPS e microRNA e kits para análise do metabolismo lipoproteíco, dos aminoácidos, etc.

Produtos Principais:



Cell Based Assays

Adipogenesis Assay

Angiogenesis Assay

Cell Adhesion

Cell Co-Culture System

Cell Contraction Assays

Cell Health

Cell Migration, Invasion and Wound Healing

Cell Transformation Assays

Phagocytosis Assays

Tumor Cell Isolation

Tumor Sensitivity Assay


Cell Signaling and Protein Biology

Epitope Tags

Kinase Assays

Protein Analysis Tools

Reporter Assays, Cells and Reagents

Serum Protein Assays and Reagents

Small GTPase / G Protein Signaling


Metabolism Research

Alcohol Metabolism

Cellular Metabolism

Hormone Assays

Lipoprotein Metabolism

Renal Function


Oxidative Stress / Damage

Antioxidant Assays

DNA / RNA Damage and Repair

Lipid Peroxidation

Oxidase/Peroxidase Activity Assays

Protein Oxidation / Nitration

Reactive Oxygen Species Assays


Pathogen and Toxin Assays

Toxin Assays

Viral Antigen Detection

Viral Oncoprotein Detection


Stem Cell Research

Alkaline Phosphatase Detection

ES Cell Total Protein

Feeder Cells

Hematopoietic CFC Assays

iPS Cell Reprogramming

PCR Primers for Stem Cell Characterization

Retroviral Expression Systems for Stem Cells

Stem Cell Colony Formation Assay


Viral Expression

Adeno-Associated Virus (AAV) Expression

Adenoviral Expression

Lentiviral Expression

Retroviral Expression

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